There are tales told of bold adventurers…brave beings who searched starship hulks and asteroids, criminal underworlds, jungles and wastelands, who discovered hidden cult bases and ancient temples.

It was they who discovered the truth about the terrible Stellar Degenerator, a superweapon of unbelievable power; they who tracked an insane cult to Eox, and then to Nejeor VI in search of information about the weapon, defeating ghosts and gusts, hunters and heralds to find ancient information.

But an armada of the undead is hot on their trails, so even though they have discovered that the superweapon is hidden with the alien megastructure known as the Gate of Twelve Suns, they need to move quick.

The race for the fate of the galaxy is on.

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Character Creation

Adventure Log

Math Harder - Starfinder: Dead Suns

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